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Miriah Stewart -01smallEquine Thermography specializes in the identification of pain and inflammation primarily in horses using a FLIR infrared camera. Company owner Miriah Stuart uses a Forward-looking infrared imaging (FLIR) camera to provide color heat images of injuries or inflammations to horse owners and their veterinarians that will pinpoint where to proceed with ultrasounds or x-rays to arrive at a diagnosis. This service reduces the guesswork and cost of injury identification to the horse owner, keeps the horse from unnecessary pain or discomfort, aides in correct saddle positioning and gives the horse owner a thermal standard from which to assess their horse.

Ms. Stuart began working with horses in 2002, studying anatomy, horse massage and equine physiology. She is a certified Equine Body Worker and is the first person in the nation board certified as a Veterinary Thermal Technologist. She is a member of the American Academy of Thermology, and a founding member of Oregon Horse Country, division of Wilsonville Chamber. Miriah won the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce Vitality Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year for 2011 for bringing this innovative technology to the equine health care arena.

Most of Equine Thermography referrals and contact information come from the company’s website at http://equinethermographyoregon.com/. During the fall of 2012, Ms Stuart’s website was hacked and began to crash and she was removed from Google search engine. Customers were warned that the site was contaminated with a virus and that their email systems could become compromised. This happened several months before the peak horse season in March and April when most horse injuries occur and where most of her revenue of is earned. Not having the skills to fix her website but previously being a client of the Clackamas SBDC, she contacted them about her problem. They connected her to Misty Lambrecht, the Technology Impact Program’s statewide website resource, who met with her to assess the problem and determine if she could assist. Working with Ms Stuart, Misty was able to restore a virus free website that enabled Equine Thermography to enter the busiest part of the horse year open and ready for business. In fact, her 2013 year-to-year revenues were up 62% over 2012 and she gives Misty Lambrecht much credit for putting her primary marketing tool in front of the horse public.


IR 1962“If I hadn’t received the very capable assistance of Misty Lambrecht during this time of what felt like an emergency, I know that the peak spring season for me would have been flat and without the new clients who found me. Quite frankly, I would have not been working! Because thermography is such an unknown technology and new field of equine medicine, I truly rely on my website and Google search engine to direct people there who are making inquiries about a lame or injured horse. It is crucial that my website is safe and professional. This is what people see when they inquire. A toxic website makes me look very unprepared and unprofessional. I am deeply grateful for Misty’s help, and for the funding from the Technology Impact Program. Thank you so much.”

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