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What is CGBP?

CGBP stands for Certified Global Business Professional. The CGBP designation is accredited by NASBITE and recognized by the US Department of Commerce. The credential demonstrates your understanding and competency in global trade.

How will becoming a CGBP help me in my job?

The CGBP demonstrates your competency in global trade and can enrich your career in a variety of ways.

As a professional and recent graduate, the CGBP gives you a point of differentiation on the job hunt and in the workplace.

As a business development or economic development professional, you will be better qualified to help businesses navigate global trade and identify next steps.

As a banker or an attorney, you will understand the process of going global and will be to assist your clients more effectively.

As a business owner, your understanding of the different components of global trade will help you make better decisions to profit from markets abroad.

What will I learn in the CGBP Exam Prep Training course?

The 5 week program covers the basics of global trade:

  • Global Management
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Global Marketing
  • Trade Finance

The last week you'll take a practice exam.

Do I have to take the exam?

No, the CGBP Exam Prep Training Program is designed to help individuals prepare for the CGBP exam; however, individuals not interested in taking the exam will also benefit from the training.

CGBP Exam Prep Training starts Friday, September 30, 2016 at PCC CLIMB Center.

Learn more about the course and how to enroll here.