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Take Your Business Global with the Global Trade Center

Want sell your products internationally and are overwhelmed or confused by the process? Get help from the Global Trade Center to plan and manage your global business, find the right markets, export your products and get paid.

Access international business resources

We'll connect you with resources crucial for importing/exporting, legal issues, and more to ensure you've considered every aspect of taking your business international. We partner with the U.S. Export Assistance Center and the Export Council of Oregon to answer your questions and provide you with key advice on international trade.

One-on-one advice for your business

Our team of Certified Global Business Professionals has years of experience helping businesses navigate the international market. A professional on our team will work with you one-on-one at no cost to discuss your plan and develop action steps.

Export and sell your products in new markets

Our team will help you plan and execute your move to sell your product or service internationally. We'll help you strategically identify and select markets, create international marketing strategies, and plan for logistics.

Manage and market your business in new cultures

Be ready for the cultural challenges of operating your business in new markets. Understand how cultural assumptions, conflict resolution and communication styles will affect business operations outside the U.S.

We were facing specific challenges with shipping and logistics, and also how to make sure we were paid in a timely fashion when working with international customers. Through working with the Global Trade Center, I was able to tap into a library of experts to seek out [help] with specific questions. It helped me gain confidence and knowledge about conducting business in a global economy.
-Laura Whipple, Owner, Scout Books

Our Global Trade Center provides:

  • One-on-one confidential advising with Certified Global Business Professionals. You'll work together to navigate challenges and opportunities, whether you’re new to international trade or have been doing it for a while.
  • Business education for international trade taught by subject-matter experts and seasoned professionals. Our educational programs for business owners, business managers, and economic development professionals will increase your international trade knowledge and confidence.
  • A powerful support network at the Small Business Development Center Global Trade Center. Our team can guide you to services and resources to help your business grow successfully. Our program partners include the Small Business Administration, U.S. Export Assistance Center, U.S. Commercial Services, the State of Oregon and Port of Portland. Our partners and their networks have field offices all over the world. 
  • Access to high quality market research through Euromonitor International, the leading market research software used by Fortune 500 companies all over the world.
  • Access to 25+ veteran business advisors with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise including business strategy, search engine optimization and financing.

To start working with Certified Global Business Professional, complete an online business profile at the link below. Be sure to indicate in your profile your interest in international trade advising. A SBDC representative will follow up with you for next steps.

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