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Jim Lindly is the director of the Lane Community College Small Business Development Center


BarryMillerBarry Miller - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Barry has over-25-years of experience in running medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (affiliates of Anheuser-Busch and the Gallo Winery), corporate staff and consulting. He has a proven record of achievement in growing revenues and profits. Barry is respected for leading the strategic planning process and its implementation.

Barry’s areas of focus include:

  • Manufacturing, Production, Distribution
  • Project and Product Operations Management
  • Innovation and Product Design
  • All Aspects of Cash Flow
  • Systems Improvement, Adding Value to Your enterprise

Barry is a business advisor and teaches classes on Operational Excellence, Market Research, and Cash is King (cash flow and its relationship to the financial well-being of a company). He also coordinates a monthly “Brown Bag Lunch Discussion” for local incubator/accelerator groups.

Barry earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Jerusalem and a Master’s degree in Finance from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


GarySmithGary Smith - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Gary has over 30 years of owning successful small businesses in the following industries: Game manufacturing, convention and trade shows, travel agency, print and copy, restaurant, and corporate training/consulting. He has held roles in Fortune 100 companies, is a certified bookkeeper and Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Gary’s areas of focus include:

  • Business Plan Writing
  • Financial Projections (Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
  • Financial Analysis; Early Stage Businesses/Business Planning
  • Goal Setting; Personnel Issues
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Small Business Technology

Gary is the Instructor/Coach for the Small Business Management Program, which includes the three-year cohorts, the SBM Alumni Program and the Employee Management Program

Gary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s of Business Administration from Franklin University.


LarryReedLarry Reed - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Larry has a 45-year history in business administration and financial planning. He worked in the retail clothing industry as a buyer and merchandise manager, plus owned and managed five retail stores in the Denver, Colorado area. Larry has also started, managed and promoted two separate entrepreneurial startups. He worked from 1997 to 2009 in the banking industry, handling sales, customer service, marketing, lending and auditing.

Larry’s areas of focus include:

  • Startups
  • General Business- Financial and Business Planning and Development
  • Retail Sales, Marketing, Market Analysis and Execution, Expense Control, Profitability
  • Human Resources: Hiring, Education, Motivation, and Termination
  • Employee Training, Administrative and Operation Procedures

Larry is an advisor specializing in funding; he will review business plan financials for funding readiness. He has established relationships with financial institutions in the community and can provide information on applying for a business bank loan, line of credit, or SBA secured loan. He can also help with determining if a client qualifies for an Economic Development Loan Fund (EDLF), which is Oregon-State funded and based in Salem.

Larry earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Connecticut


MeganOConnorMegan O'Connor - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Megan brings 20 years of experience in law firm administration and 12 years in nonprofit management. She has built and run multiple businesses, including: real estate development consulting firm, yarn shop, a women’s transitional home and, a second-hand store in Eastern Europe. She was a panel speaker for the Eastern European Forum to Encourage Corporate Social Responsibility.

Megan’s areas of focus include:

  • Managing a Business Using a Business Plan
  • Forecasting Sales and Expenses
  • Reaching Target Markets
  • Building a Team
  • Capital Readiness Assistance

Megan is the Instructor/Advisor for the Start, Run, and Grow (SRG) Virtual Incubator Program. She also provides entrepreneurial training and consulting to economic leaders in Lane County’s outlying communities.

Megan earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from Linfield College and has completed countless need-specific courses, workshops and seminars.


NickWileyNick Wiley - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Nick’s career includes search engine optimization and content marketing coordinator for an internet marketing company, as well as owner of a consulting business providing internet marketing, website development, search engine optimization and social media management services. Nick also serves as a marketing committee co-chair for the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network. Nick, along with SBDC advisors across the U.S. co-authored the book “The Tri-Matrix.” Nick is a member of the Social Media marketing Society and Social Media Club, plus holds certifications with Google, Constant Contact, HootSuite , and Yext.

Nick’s areas of focus include:

  • Establishing Business Visibility Online, Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Feedback and Reputation Management
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Developing Social media Strategies
  • Generating Leads, Customers, Sales, and Profits via Online Marketing

Nick is the Instructor/Advisor for a variety of marketing and social media classes including Hands on Social Media Training, Grow Your Business online with Google, The Science of Successful Email Marketing and Bring More Traffic to Your Website.

Nick earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an Entrepreneurship concentration, Certificate of Global Management, and a minor in Spanish from the University of Oregon


RogerWongRoger Wong - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Roger has business experience with small and large companies, including corporate-level experience with national and international operations. He worked as head of operations for a New England pizza chain with 175 restaurants. On a personal basis, Roger and his wife owned a fiber-art bag business for seven years and sold at Saturday Market (who recently honored Roger with the 2014 Beth Little Microenterprise Award).

Roger’s areas of focus include:

  • Startup Registration, Licensing and Legal Issues (Does not provide legal advice)
  • Business Entity and Business Plans
  • Understanding Government Regulations
  • Overview of Financial Systems, Reports, Statements
  • Food Service and Restaurant Industry
  • Strategic Planning

Roger is the Instructor/Advisor for startup classes, which include First Steps in Business, and the Business Basics Workshops—Organizing Your Business and Financial Information Critical to Success.

Roger earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Washington State University.


TimSheridanTim Sheridan - Advisor at Lane Community College SBDC

Primary Service area - Lane

Bio - Tim has a 40-year career spanning several industries. His expertise includes business consulting, brand/identity development, promotions-based marketing for a variety of businesses including startups, and in areas of product development, intellectual property protection. He also has an extensive background in promotions, marketing and publishing in entertainment, Pro Sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) and Amateur Sports (US Olympics). His has acquired diverse creative skills including graphic-design, marketing-writing, and technical-writing for technology companies, ad agencies, radio, television, publications and the concert/music industry.

Tim’s areas of focus include:

  • Advertising, Marketing
  • Startups
  • Intellectual Property
  • Brand-Identity Development
  • International Trade (currently advancing toward certification as a CGBP)

Tim is an advisor specializing in promotions-based marketing, advertising (local to global). He assists new and existing businesses with creating an effective identity to utilize in reaching target market and to build a business plan for growth.

Tim’s area of study at Adams University was Arts and Journalism




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