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Success Stories

    • Aspen Inn

      Heidi McLean and Sue Smith desired a change in their lives. One was tired of living a hectic lifestyle while the other one was adjusting to life after losing her spouse. Both of these women found what they were seeking for when they purchased Aspen Inn--a small, but charming Klamath County motel complex nestled on 3.5 acres of beautiful woodland acreage and situated at the entrance of the Crater Lake National Park. Although this inn was in dreadful condition from years of neglect, Heidi and...

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    • Eco Solar

        “Jamie helped us write our business plan, particularly the financial portion-- which is the trickiest part” —ALISON ANDREWSECO SOLARKLAMATH FALLS

    • Gathering Grounds Café

      After taking a Business 101 course from Klamath Community College, Brandon Sickler came to the SBDC in pursuit of owning his own business. He began in the hopes of purchasing an existing business, but came to the conclusion that opening a new venture of his own would work better for him. After several months of planning, number crunching, and advising Gathering Grounds Café opened the doors to the Klamath Basin on July 14, 2014. Brandon had enough money to cover his start-up costs, but knew...

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    • Rodeo’s Pizza and Saladeria

      When you have a B.S. in Geography and an M.S. in Ecology, what do you do for a living in Klamath Falls, Oregon? Well, you use your transferrable skills to open a New York style pizzeria, of course! David Scott is one of many talented “trailing spouses,” who find themselves moving to Klamath Falls after their significant other accepts an offer of employment. David and his wife Nell met in a pizzeria and upon moving, searched for their favorite style of pizza to no avail. So, they made the...

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