Oregon Small Business Development Center Network

  Client Engagement with CAT Advisors

The Oregon SBDC Network's Capital Access Team (CAT) is led by highly qualified SBDC advisors who engage clients via face-to-face and distance counseling (Skype, telephone, videoconferencing and e-mail). The CAT also coordinates “R U Bankable” events in select communities to provide forums for learning about access to capital and acquiring small business loans.

The CAT works with clients that are referred to them by local SBDC Centers and lead Advisors.
In order to ready for a referral to the CAT, clients must pre-qualify by meeting these basic requirements.
All advising is confidential, and each case will be managed collaboratively with the client's local Advisor.


Typical CAT process: 

  1. New clients to a SBDC register for business advising.
  2. SBDC clients work with their local SBDC Advisor to satisfy the CAT readiness requirements.
  3. The SBDC Advisor refers the client to the CAT.
  4. The client completes the CAT Readiness Assessment online and sends it.
  5. A CAT Advisor meets with the client to review their loan package, provide feedback, answer questions, and suggest changes and additions to the loan package.
  6. The client updates the loan package for subsequent CAT review.
  7. Once the loan package is complete and ready for lender presentations, the CAT can assist the client and Lead Advisor to develop a finance strategy and locate potential lenders.

Centers and Advisors are encouraged to refer clients to the CAT when:

  1. The client has satisfied the CAT readiness requirements. Click here to download the CAT readiness check-list.
  2. The local SBDC Center lacks the immediate capacity to assist the client’s loan proposal needs promptly and effectively.
  3. The proposed loan package’s complexity requires CAT expertise such as financial analysis, linkage to appropriate loan products/services, and fine tuning the loan presentation.
  4. The client can benefit from CAT mentoring and coaching prior to a lender presentation.
  5. The CAT can help facilitate dialog between the client and the lender or investor.

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